Sydney Ricketts.

Skier. Artist. Adventurer.

Growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah has brought me many things, from skiing to the art culture, to going on adventures all over the country. I am a competitor on the Freeride World Qualifiers Tour, I am a freeride ski coach, I own a horse and a dog whom I love dearly. I'm also an avid whitewater rafter, mountain biker, and backpacker.

I try and incorporate my adventures and love for the outdoors in my paintings, and I hope that you can see that, too. I use practically all of my earnings from my artwork to fund my competitive ski career on the FWQ, so purchasing a piece of my artwork is helping me chase my dreams. If you have any questions at all, whether its about me, my skiing, or my art, please head over to the Contact Page and ask away. :)

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